Cher confesses she’s ‘never liked’ her own voice: ‘It doesn’t sound like a woman’

Cher has said that if it were up to her, she would have given up her voice for another one.

The legendary singer, 77, best known for hits including “Believe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time”, has admitted that she’s “never liked my voice that much”.

In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Cher said: “If I had my choice, I probably would have another one, but I didn’t get my choice. I got my mother’s voice.

“It doesn’t sound like a man, it doesn’t sound like a woman. I’m somewhere more in-between.”

She added: “I do what you do when you can’t hold a note: I don’t pronounce my Rs. I guess some consonants are hard to sing, so I just gotta leave them open.

“I mean, people seem to like it and I’m happy as a clam, but I wouldn’t have picked it. I liked it on my mother and it’s definitely my mum’s voice.”

Compared to her mother’s “softer” voice, Cher said: “Mine is edgier – different, but the same, but I don’t think I would have picked it.”

Cher (Getty Images)
Cher (Getty Images)

The pop singer recently released her 13-track Christmas album, which includes collaborations and duets with Michael Bublé, Tyga, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder and Darlene Love.

This latest album marks the 27th studio album of her career and her first-ever holiday record. Asked what convinced her to finally put out a Chrismas album, Cher candidly said: “The record company”, in a video trailer for the album, shared on Instagram last week.

“I didn’t want to do Christmas songs as I’ve heard them, as I know them,” she explained. “I thought I could make it fun for myself, and I thought maybe I could make it something really different, something that’s me.

“It’s crazy, and so it’s very me. I wanted to do a Cher album that’s a Christmas album. I just started with some songs, and then things just started to fall in place. For me, it was like raising the bar and making it more exciting.”

Christmas is out now.

Earlier this week, in an interview with Extra, Cher addressed the 40-year age gap between her and her 37-year-old boyfriend, music producer Alexander “AE” Edwards. The two have been in an on-again, off-again relationship since last year.

“Sometimes I’m talking to him and he has no idea who I’m talking about…,” the “Strong Enough” singer said. “We can talk music. We can talk about everything. He’s a got a great sense of humour, he’s got the cutest son in the world, ever… We just get each other.”