Chennai gripped by chess fever as 44th Chess Olympiad comes to town

Chess fever has come to town in Chennai, India, along with the 44th Chess Olympiad. It is the first time the country has hosted the event and the southern Indian city is enthusiastically embracing the sport. Some hoardings now have chess themes, knight mascots are popping up everywhere, and one bridge has even been painted black and white like the board on which the game is played. But video shot on Saturday 30 July in the Anna Nagar neighbourhood showed one business that has gone even further. A tea shop owner turned his shop into a 360-degree a chess board, with walls, flooring and even staff uniforms in a chess theme. Customers at the shop are also provided with chess boards so they can play with their friends while they relax with their drinks. The clever marketing appears to have worked too, with the shop becoming something of a local attraction. The Chess Olympiad runs from 28 July to 10 August.

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