Chef Wan rejects overseas projects to care for cancer-stricken mother

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 — Popular Malaysian chef and restaurateur Chef Wan has rebuffed projects that would require him to be away for weeks at a time in order to look after his cancer-stricken mother.

In an Instagram post, the celebrity chef, whose real name is Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, shared he had received two offers, with the first being an offer from Astro Prima that would require him to travel to Central Asia while he would have to travel to Japan for the filming.

He, however, decided to reject the offers after his mother's condition deteriorated.

"I can't commit myself to my work in the event my mom will fall ill and needs serious medical treatment and I need to be there for her," he wrote in the post.

He added that he could not work peacefully if his mother, affectionately known as Cik Aini to many, fell sick in his absence.

"If it is near like one or two hours flight can still come back," he added.

Thankfully, Astro Prima agreed with Chef Wan's request to postpone the culinary series, which requires him to film at Silk Road, to May or June.

"We only have one mother...we can earn our money anytime if we are hardworking and capable but my time and precious moments with my mom can never be bought again," he added.

His followers were in awe of his commitment to look after his mother.

Instagram user @aidacomel1202 said Chef Wan was an exemplary son.

On Astro Prima agreeing to postpone the culinary series, the user said it was due to his kindness to his mother.

Another Instagram user @kamlaiyap said Chef Wan's action was an inspiration to all.