Chef opens Senegal's first artisan chocolate shop

This chef has opened Senegal’s first artisan chocolate shop

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Belgian-Congolese chef Danuta Nganko

started her chocolate company Venko

after being forced to abandon plans to open her own restaurant


"I work with Belgian chocolate, but the idea is to take a very classical chocolate and work it with local flavors. So we work a lot with bissap, which is very well known here, but also try to bring back to life flavors that maybe people forget a bit about like Konkonron, which is a nut which is almost disappearing. And I hope that moving forward my work could help to put those flavours a bit into fashion, and maybe try to save some of those."

"Now I think the next challenge will be to accustom Senegalese customers to buying chocolate on a day-to-day basis. Because they do now for dinner, for a gift, for a special occasion, but they are not yet to buy chocolate as something just to have in your fridge and take a bite. But we will get there."