Chef Jose Andres testifies before Congress on Ukraine

STORY: Andres was the first of five leaders of humanitarian organizations that spoke to the House's Oversight and Reform Committee's National Security Subcommittee on their experiences distributing aid on the ground in Ukraine and the effects of that conflict on their work.

World Food Kitchen operates around the world to provide emergency food relief to people facing disasters. The organization started serving Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland just one day after the war began, Andres told the subcommittee members, and quickly entered Ukraine and has served people there.

Andres explained that World Food Kitchen has been careful to support the local economy as it distributes over 40 million meals in hundreds of cities not just in Ukraine, but in the countries housing Ukrainian refugees.

"The best way America and the international community can be helping Ukraine is not by bringing everything from the outside, but is making sure we keep supporting the local economy, the local infrastructure, investing the money locally, creating jobs locally," he said.

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