Cheeky Wild Crow Tries To Play With Annoyed Cat's Tail

Wild crows learn quickly where they can get food. With intelligence and problem solving skills comparable to those of a chimpanzee, they are among the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom. These crows have been coming to this back yard for years and they have grown very accustomed to the humans who live here. They have even grown comfortable with the family cat. Pam is an extreme animal lover and her back yard in England is a refuge and feeding ground for birds and animals of all kinds. But among her favourites are the crows who come daily for snacks. They are very wild, but they allow her to come close and they respond to her voice and her gentle approach. They will sit trustingly as she places food in the feeders or on the fence posts and they will come close to snatch up the food when she steps back. This crow is incredibly bold as it waits on the fence for food. It wants to investigate the feeders and containers that often hold bird seed, peanuts, and other treats. The only difficulty is that Luna the cat is sitting on the fence as if she is guarding the feeders. She washes her paws and face in that way that cats do, while it is obvious that she is daring the crow to come closer. Or perhaps she is just showing the crow who is boss and testing to see if it keeps its distance. The swish of the tail tells us that Luna is well aware of the crow and that she is slightly annoyed because it obviously wants to be where she is sitting. The crafty crow seems to understand the body language and he mischievously dances back and forth, making a few attempts to grab the cat's tail in his beak. After several tries, he seems to get hold of it briefly before the cat yanks its tail away. The crow is enjoying the game immensely and both must be aware that the crow can take flight at the slightest sign of a lunge. This feisty crow is such a rascal that you can't help but cheer for him and hope he gets hold of the cat's tail. It's clear that he does not intend to do any harm to the cat. Crows are believed to be one of the few animals that possess a sense of humour and this crow certainly gives us reason to believe it. As if reprimanding the cat, our crow friend squawks at Luna in the most cheeky manner after it decided to perch nearby. In the end, Pam comes out with some meat for her crow friend and he accepts it gratefully before flying off.

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