Check Out Stephen Colbert's 'Spring Olympics' On His Fake Streaming Channel

Stephen Colbert said the Summer Olympics in Paris won’t air on Stephen+, his new fake streaming channel — but the “Spring Olympics” will. (Watch the video below.)

During Tuesday’s “Late Show” episode, Colbert noted the number of TV and movie streaming services that exist before promoting his very own streamer, Stephen+.

“I promise that Stephen+ will have all sorts of original content that you are sure to love,” he said, noting that the service would also have sports.

“As you know, this year the Summer Olympics are taking place in Paris, the home of cycling, fencing and the most challenging sport of all, trying to eat a croissant without making a mess,” he continued.

Although Colbert said the Summer Games wouldn’t be airing on his nonexistent streaming platform, he offered up an alternative — the “Spring Olympics.”

“Who needs the Summer Games because we have something that is guaranteed to be even sooner,” he said as a preview for the Spring Olympics was shown.

In the preview, events like “cross-country running with high pollen count,” “synchronized lawn mowing” and “cycling through jackets to find the right one for today’s weather” were shown, along with the “spring break triathlon” that encompasses “drinking,” “dancing” and “looking for Becky.”

You be the judge and see if Colbert may actually be on to something. As for the actual Summer Olympics, you can watch the event beginning July 26 on NBC.