Cheapest holiday destinations for Malaysians

Matthias Sim
Cheapest holiday destinations for Malaysians

The year is coming to an end and for many this means; holidays and bonuses. With festive seasons lined up, it comes to no surprise that many Malaysians are eager to go on a holiday with their newly-earned bonuses. But even if you bonus packet wasn’t as great as you’d hoped; you can still have a great holiday. There are many sights in Asia that affords a great time on a budget. Here are some holiday destinations affording the best value for your ringgit.


Cambodia and its capitol city Phnom Penh has rapidly modernised over the years and has long been a favorite for backpackers from all over the world. Flight cost is not the only thing that is cheap; the tantalising food is cheap and budget accommodation goes for around RM20-RM40 per night. This makes Cambodia the place to go on a budget.

There are plenty to see and do with minimal cost and even for free in Cambodia, especially in its capitol city. In Phnom Penh, the Phsar Thom Thmei, or the Central Market is a must visit. With various merchandise and yummy street foods that costs no more than RM5; you can hardly go wrong. Fried insects, anyone?

Of course, do remember to visit Angkor Wat as it is one of the world’s most beautiful historical sites!

Estimated budget: RM1000-RM1,500 for a week’s stay


Although its capitol city, Hanoi is rather hectic, Vietnam has many unspoilt spots where its natural beauty is still preserved. Scenic sites such as Ha Long Bay and Hoi An are a popular choice.

Ha Long Bay, or Bay of Descending Dragons, is a top tourist attraction in Vietnam. It features thousands of islands with thick jungle vegetation and limestone pillars. Floating villages of fishermen can also be seen on many of these islands. Hoi An too is a fishing village turned tourist attraction. With its traditional and rustic look and layout, it is a sight to see and is dubbed the Venice of Vietnam because of the narrow canals that weave through part of the village.

You can easily get by with RM30-RM50 a day which includes a guest house, local delicacies and even transport!

Estimated budget: RM1,500-RM2000 for a week’s stay


Instead of visiting cities such as Beijing which can be expensive, China, like Vietnam offers amazing natural scenery as well as historical and cultural sites.

The trick here is to visit small provinces and avoid touristy cities. Small provinces have remarkable untouched beauty and the best way to get there is by train as it is the cheapest transport option in China. Head to Hunan for a memorable visit to the historical Peach Blossom Land, which boasts a history of over 1600 years in the making. It is surrounded by mountains, fields, temples and peach forests which are a great change from the skyscrapers and traffic in the city.

You also get to enjoy the same local food served in city restaurants at the street stalls in these small provinces at a much cheaper price.

Estimated budget: RM1,500-RM2,500 for a week’s stay


Nepal is rich in amazing tourist attractions with eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world located there. There are a few places you can visit in Nepal such as its capital city, Kathmandu, Nagarkot, a popular tourist spot where the Himalayan peaks as well as Mount Everest can be seen and Annapurna, a nature conversion area.

You can get by with only RM30-RM45 a day if you stick to eating the local food and stay in budget accommodation.

Estimated budget: RM1,500-RM2,500 for a week’s stay


Ah, Thailand. The favourite destination of Malaysians and the world right next to Bali. Not only is it cheap in terms of food and accommodation, it is also cheap in terms of shopping making it a very popular destination for Westerners but it doesn’t mean you can’t have an equally good time.

Bangkok is the place to go if you are keen on shopping, if not, travel down to Phuket where there are great beaches, food and tourist sites. Thailand also boasts tonnes of gorgeous little islands such as Koh Lipe and Koh Phi Phi with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Budget accommodation can be as low as RM40-RM70 per night and areas in Northern Thailand such as Chiang Mai, can be even cheaper.

Estimated budget: RMRM1,500-RM2,000 for a week’s stay

With that said, do any of these places interest you? Happy Holidays!

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