Che Ta saddens over loss of daughter's old Instagram account

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14 Jul – Rozita Che Wan says she can do nothing but accept the fact that her daughter's Instagram account has been removed by the said platform, as it goes against the rules of the platform.

The actress, known to many as Che Ta, stated that she made the mistake of not stating clearly that daughter Aaisyah Dhia Rana's account was being monitored by her and her husband when they created it.

"It's sad, but it's okay. The account is gone just like that. We have tried a lot of methods to get it back, including communicating with the operator, but nothing came of it," she said.

Che Ta said that the account was actually removed by Instagram back in May, and that she only realised it after she was unable to access it.

"I've tried many times to upload our family photos during Eid on the account but to no avail. Instagram then asked for Aaisyah's birth date, and after doing so, her account was blocked with the notification saying children under 12 are not allowed to have an account," she said.

Although the said account had more than a million followers, Che Ta said that that doesn't faze her much compared to all the photos uploaded that are now gone.

"Sometimes we would upload photos straight to IG with no backup, so a lot of her photos are not in my keep anymore," she added.

She has since created a new account for Aaisyah.

Aaisyah's previous IG account was monitored by Che Ta and husband Zain Saidin
Aaisyah's previous IG account was monitored by Che Ta and husband Zain Saidin

(Photo Source: Rozita Che Wan Instagram)

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