ChatGPT-4o Google Drive integration is rolling out — here’s how it works

 An OpenAI logo over some circuits.
An OpenAI logo over some circuits.

While most people were excited about the conversation and vision of features of ChatGPT-4o, one of the more under-the-radar updates is the Google Drive and OneDrive integration. OpenAI took to X  (fka Twitter) to announce that the integration is rolling out now to some users, so you won't have to wait long to start feeding files from the cloud into the AI tool.

On X, Open AI said cloud integration is rolling out now. However, the company also noted that it's "Available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users over the coming weeks." That means that you need to be a paying member to get access, and you may not see the functionality right away, as it appears to be a gradual rollout.

According to OpenAI, the integration between ChatGPT and Google Drive or OneDrive means that it can read through Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Google Drive files like Sheets more quickly than it has been able to before.

Additionally, OpenAI is adding the ability to interact with charts it generates through a new expandable view. Once created, the charts generated by ChatGPT-4o will better fit users' needs. Currently, bar, line, pie and scatter plot charts are supported for interactive visualizations. For other types of charts, ChatGPT will generate static versions. The amount of time you can save by having charts and graphs generated for you seems substantial, and it'll be interesting to see how paid ChatGPT members can use these new features to speed up workflows.

Regarding how OpenAI will use data uploaded through Google Drive and OneDrive, the company said in a blog post that it will not train AI models from data that ChatGPT Enterprise and Teams users upload. However, ChatGPT Plus user data is used by default, but they can opt out of training if they'd prefer not to contribute.

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