Charmaine Fong announces divorce

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25 Oct – Hong Kong singer Charmaine Fong recently admitted that she and husband, Japanese actor-model Shingo Yasuda have called it quits on their marriage.

The singer shared the news on 23 October on Instagram, stating that while they had wanted it to be a private matter, her being a public figure makes it her responsibility to make it known to her fans.

"Being able to meet and love each other does not mean that you can get along with each other. Although love is not right or wrong, a stubborn personality will always cause more or less harm to people around you. Separation is the most important way to protect this relationship. The best way. Shingo is still my cherished family. Divorce does not mean the end. Our love will continue in Luca's life," she wrote.

Charmaine and Shingo were married in 2017
Charmaine and Shingo were married in 2017

Charmaine also expressed hope that people will not speculate about the divorce.

It is noted that in a previous interview, the singer admitted that she and her husband have been living separately due to the pandemic, and were only able to communicate with each other via video calls.

Charmaine and Shingo tied the knot in 2017. They welcomed their child Luca the following year.

The former couple with their son Luca
The former couple with their son Luca

(Photo Source: Charmaine Fong Instagram, Shingo Yasuda Instagram, Mingpao)

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