Charlyne Yi alleges they were 'assaulted' on “Time Bandits” set, Paramount TV says 'concerns' were addressed

"I was not safe, supported or protected," the actor wrote in a recent Instagram post.

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Charlyne Yi

Actor and comedian Charlyne Yi is alleging that they were "physically assaulted" and "psychologically abused" on the set of Time Bandits, the upcoming Apple TV+ sci-fi series hailing from Taika Waititi and produced by Paramount Television.

In an Instagram post May 7, Yi, 38, called out the show by name and wrote, "I was not safe, supported or protected. I was physically assaulted multiple times by an actor, as well as psychologically abused." They claimed that they were "gaslit by coworkers, producers, and HR," "coerced to quit," and denied workers' compensation for the back injury and PTSD they allegedly sustained during filming.

"I am tired of being met with retaliation for protecting my life and others," Yi wrote, adding that they were also seeking a lawyer and a new manager.

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A Paramount TV spokesperson said Wednesday in a statement to Entertainment Weekly, "The safety of our cast and crew is very important to us, and we take all concerns that are raised to us very seriously. At the time of the complaint, Paramount Television Studios conducted a full investigation regarding allegations that were brought to our attention. While all investigations are confidential and we cannot comment on specifics, additional steps were taken to address concerns."

A source close to the production who asked not to be identified told EW that the incident and investigation occurred more than a year and a half ago; the incident, they said, was related to a scene that involved a fellow actor bumping into Yi and picking them up.

Based on Terry Gilliam's time-traveling 1981 fantasy film, Time Bandits was shot in New Zealand and wrapped production in January 2023. Waititi, who is on board as a writer, director, and executive producer, created the series with Jemaine Clement and Iain Morris.

Representatives for Apple TV+ and Waititi deferred to Paramount for comment. EW has also reached out to reps for Yi for further comment.

Yi, whose character will still appear in Time Bandits episodes that were shot prior to their departure, published follow-up Instagram posts that allegedly showed their texts with a Chinese medicine doctor who treated them and further described their experiences on set.

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"A high production job, meaning big money and power that can dispose of you and sweep you under the rug, treating you inhumanely, proving their deep lack of humanity," Yi wrote. "Prioritizing people's careers and a fictional world than protecting those most marginalized and targeted."

Yi has previously been outspoken about enduring abuse and harassment while working on other Hollywood projects. In 2018, they alleged that they were harassed by Marilyn Manson on the set of House, and in 2021 they recounted their attempt to quit James Franco's The Disaster Artist after learning of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

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