Charlene Choi freezes egg for future use

21 May – Hong Kong singer-actress Charlene Choi recently admitted that she had undergone oocyte cryopreservation and would like to do it again in the future.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who has been taking a lot of vacations lately, shared that one of the reasons of doing so was because she couldn't do anything stressful and strenuous before the procedure to freeze her eggs.

"It's okay this time. It was a decent amount. I will do it again later just to be safe. I am not a young woman anymore, so I have to start now," she said.

Asked when she will be using her eggs, Charlene said that she would rather not think about it.

"If I want to use it, then I will use it. But I don't want to go past 50. Hopefully sometime in the next 10 years," she said.

(Photo Source: Charlene Choi Instagram)