Charges expected over Genoa bridge collapse

It killed 43 people, and laid bare the decrepit state of Italy's infrastructure.

Now prosecutors have wrapped up an investigation of the 2018 bridge collapse in Genoa.

They are preparing possible charges against dozens of former employees of Atlantia.

That's the firm that was responsible for maintaining the crossing.

Documents show government officials could also face charges.

69 individuals, including Atlantia's former chief executive, have been placed under investigation during the probe.

Suspected crimes include manslaughter and wilful disaster.

Under Italian law, firms can be held responsible for their employees' actions.

Atlantia is controlled by the Benetton family, of clothing store fame.

They're in talks with a government-backed consortium to relinquish control of the firm.

None of the companies or individuals involved would comment on the new reports.

A replacement bridge has already been constructed, and opened to traffic.

It took around 18 months to put up.

The legal fallout from the disaster may take much longer to clear.