Chaotic scenes as residents cram into town hall for financial help in the Philippines

Footage shows chaotic scenes at a Philippines town hall as residents scramble for COVID-19 money aid from the government.

Joseph Alvear took the video showing his neighbours exploding with rage after they were allegedly asked to submit documents for the money aid but didn't get included in the list of beneficiaries last Saturday, May 2.

He said: "A village official asked those who did not receive financial assistance yet to submit a photocopy of our identification cards. We stayed here for hours but they just wasted our time.''

Hundreds of locals, most of whom were pregnant women, seniors, and disabled, flocked to the village hall in Bulacan province waiting for their names to be included on the list.

But after hours of waiting, the village officials allegedly gave back the crumpled documents and advised them to return home and just rest.

Joseph added: "They gave the people false hopes about the financial assistance. We made extra efforts to photocopy the document despite all the stores being closed."

The Philippines government has rolled out a program that will give residents affected by the economic impact of the pandemic monetary aid to help them get through the crisis.