Chaotic scenes as hundreds of locals scramble to collect Covid-19 financial aid in the Philippines

Hundreds of locals gather outside a town hall in Rizal, the Philippines, to collect coronavirus financial aid from the country's government.

The chaotic scenes were captured on May 10, the last day that residents struggling from the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic were eligible for monetary assistance.

Shocked onlookers pointed out the lack of social distancing was a bad example that could risk spreading the infection. They criticised local officials for not making better preparations for the event.

Kim Lemuel Domingo, 30, accompanied his elderly father to collect the financial assistance as promised by the government.

He said: ''Luckily my father is a senior citizen and we were able to get 6500 pesos. The large crowds would not have happened if the town officials gave out the master list beforehand to show who could claim money.

''What happened there was that people needed to check if their names were listed or not. If yes, they can collect the money. But if not, people tend to protest and try to ask the officials for the reasons. That is why it was total chaos.''