Change of tune in Downing Street as piano removed after Sunak’s election defeat

A piano and a sofa were among items removed from Downing Street in the aftermath of Labour’s General Election landslide.

Former prime minister Rishi Sunak and former chancellor Jeremy Hunt and their families lost their residences in No 10 and No 11 as Labour swept to power.

Sir Keir Starmer and Chancellor Rachel Reeves are the new occupants, although the moving process will take a few days.

General Election 2024
Removal men load an upright piano into the van at the back of Downing Street (James Manning/PA)

On Saturday the Prime Minister said: “We’re not unpacked quite yet, but we will be soon and we’ll be moving in soon but there’s a bit of work to do before then.”

On Sunday, a bright yellow lorry from the Bishop’s Move firm was parked around the back of Downing Street, with a steady flow of items being carried out of the famous street.

General Election 2024
A sofa being loaded into the removal van at the back of Downing Street (James Manning/PA)

A mattress, a bright red sofa and an upright piano were carefully stowed in the back of the lorry by a team of workers.

Mr Sunak lived in the flat above No 10 while Mr Hunt had the larger flat above No 11.

General Election 2024
Removal men carrying a mattress out of Downing Street (James Manning/PA)

Prime ministers in recent years had favoured the No 11 residence, but Mr Sunak had lived above No 10 as chancellor and moved back in with his family when he became the premier.