The challenge to get Christmas turkeys on tables

Britons, behold...

This is the sound of your Christmas dinner.

Thousands of turkeys at Coppice Farm in southern England are destined for the dinner plate.

But there's still some reservations over what festivities will look like in a locked down Christmas season.

Turkey farmer Tom Copas says he faces a challenge to bring over the seasonal staff he needs this Christmas.

''Bringing out seasonal team over to work and process turkeys has been more of a challenge because of the uncertainty of travel and travel arrangements being canceled. We're also seeing a huge demand for turkeys to be home delivered rather than being collected from the farm."

Copas, whose family has worked on the farm since 1901, said 2020 has been tough as they had no idea of the looming health crisis when they ordered young birds to rear for the traditional British Christmas roast dinner.

"For us, it's been difficult because very much the die has been cast. We have 10 to 12 different breeds of Turkey to get to the right weights we require come Christmas, but we have to order those in February. So for us, before the COVID stuff happened, we already had the turkeys on the way or, if not, actually on the ground on the farm. So we are having to work with what we've got, and that's been based on previous year's orders."

He says that people do seem to be ordering turkeys as they did last year, despite the uncertainty-

and after spells of panic-buying, some consumers are in fact buying several turkeys just to make sure they have at least one to gobble up on December 25th.