Chalk Mountain Fire Torches Thousands of Acres in Central Texas

Flames towered near the boundary of a property near Glen Rose, Texas, on July 19 as the Chalk Mountain Fire spread rapidly, growing from around 1,000 acres in the morning to 6,000 acres by the end of the day, officials said.

This footage from volunteer firefighter Taylor Smith shows crews on the ground as aircraft drop water and fire retardant on a property in Somervell County. “We were spraying a house to keep it from burning until it got too hot, so we left. As I was filming, we went right back in and saved the house,” Smith told Storyful.

By July 21, the wildfire had burned an estimated 6,705 acres and was 10-percent contained, Texas A+M Forest Service said. The Somervell County Sheriff’s Office said air drops like those seen in this footage would continue over the next few days. Credit: Taylor Smith via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, we're going to get wet, boys. Oh, [? that's ?] [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

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