CES 2021: Smart pet door gives dogs home alone the freedom to go outside

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With the myQ Pet Portal, dogs can go outside whenever they like -- even when they're home alone.

While cats are often free to roam, using a cat flap to come and go in and out of their owners' homes at will, dogs tend to be more reliant on the good will of their owners to let them out. Now, dogs too can enjoy a taste of freedom thanks to a new smart animal door -- or Pet Portal -- that's connected, automatic and can be activated remotely.

Designed by the American firm Chamberlain, known for its garage door openers, the myQ Pet Portal brings unprecedented freedom to dogs. Providing they have access to a safe, enclosed outdoor space, the Pet Portal lets dogs come in and out of their owners' homes as they like, even when they're home alone. The system is designed to replace an existing exterior door, and its lower section features a smart opening mechanism. Thanks to this connected smart door, dogs can let owners know when they want to go out, even when their master isn't around.

Basically, the dog wears a collar that connects over Bluetooth to a sensor on the door, which signals when the animal wants to go out. All the dog has to do is move close to the door. The owner is then notified and can decide whether or not to open the door remotely. An HD camera (1080p) placed on each side of the door allows pet owners to keep an eye on their dog, and even speak to their pet to reassure them.

Each time the dog goes up to the door, the owner has the option of opening or not, allowing dogs of all sizes to enjoy outdoor space in which to run, play and, more importantly, do their business when nature calls. There's even an automatic opening mode that opens the door each time the dog signals its intention to go out, day and night. In this case, each exit and entry is automatically recorded in the accompanying application.

Showcased at this year's CES, this smart pet door is already available to preorder in the US priced from $2,999, with shipping due to start this spring.

Check out the myQ Pet Portal in this video: youtu.be/NkEzQgOWn14

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