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This 'absolutely amazing' £120 egg BBQ is about to become your new favourite way to cook

It's currently recommended by 100% of customers.

This mini egg BBQ is a brilliant budget-friendly option from Argos. (Argos/Yahoo Life UK)

BBQ season is here, and if you're keen to invest in a new garden grill without breaking the bank, there's one that is a sure hit with shoppers. We've spotted Habitat's Mini Tabletop Kamado Charcoal BBQ that's brand new and fast amassing rave reviews from shoppers and is sure to be a sell-out success this summer.

Quick overview

Costing £120 and available at Argos or Habitat, it's much cheaper than similar egg-shaped ceramic BBQ designs out there, which can cost up to £900. Plus, it matches the price of Aldi's super popular egg BBQ that launched in 2023 and cost £119.99 (and this Habitat design is arguably much better quality).

This mini BBQ is perfect for cooking up a feast for up to four people and ensures consistent temperatures for perfectly cooked meats.

£120 at Argos

It's perfect for cooking for your family or hosting guests, won't take up much space and will fit in even the smallest of gardens.

While this is the mini version, there's also the pricier full-size Habitat Kamado Charcoal BBQ that typically retails for £600 (although it's currently on sale for £480 when you enter the code GARDEN at checkout).

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This is the full-size version of the Kamado Charcoal BBQ from Argos. While it's much more expensive, it's currently on offer so snap it up while it's on sale. Large enough to cook eight steaks at once, it can be used to smoke, sear, bake or even smoke your meats, fish and veggies. 

Save £120 with code GARDEN
£480 at Argos

Fuelled by charcoal, it's recommended by 100% of customers, which is no mean feat. Here's why everyone is raving about it:

This mini kamado BBQ has a cooking surface with a 27cm diameter, allowing you to grill meats, veg and fish for up to four people at once.

The egg shape isn't just a aesthetic feature either, it helps to regulate air flow, while the ceramic materials retains heat, ensuring everything cooks evenly.

Due to its design, the BBQ heats higher than normal BBQs, so your delicious food will cook quicker. The heat retention is one of the key selling points for the ceramic grill. Its high heat-resistant ceramic material and egg shape retain heat and moisture inside when closed, resulting in a more succulent taste and long-lasting heat. It also ensures your food gets an unsurpassed smoky flavour while remaining nice and juicy.

This charcoal BBQ has an egg shape and is made from a ceramic material that insulates and reflects heat to cook meat through perfectly. (Argos)
This charcoal BBQ has an egg shape and is made from a ceramic material that insulates and reflects heat to cook meat through perfectly. (Argos)
Due to its great heat retention it will cook your food quicker than most other BBQs. (Argos)
It's the perfect size for smaller gardens and groups of guests. (Argos)
It's the perfect size for smaller gardens and groups of guests. (Argos)

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You can also use a pizza stone on this BBQ if you want to try making restaurant-style pizzas at home. The pizza stone should be smaller than the cooking grid, which is 27cm.

The grill is also removable for easy cleaning. Plus, it takes minimal assembly, and weighs 21kg, so it isn't too heavy to move under a cover or to a corner of your garden when not in use.

While there are only a handful of reviews so far on the Argos website, all are five-star, with shoppers praising its affordable price point and unmatched grilling skills.

  • "Absolutely amazing but of kit, high quality and after learning how to use it properly it is my favourite way to cook. Have tried everything from whole chickens to burgers to pork loin and it cooks all of them perfectly. Crispy chicken that's still tender on the inside and chargrilled pork loin that melts in the mouth."

  • "Had this for a while now and should say how much I love it. Recently moved to a boat and missed my big green egg so thought I'd dabble with this. It's amazing for a couple. I've cooked nearly 2kg joints on it. Had probes in meat. The temperature stays consistent with decent charcoal. Had friends over and have cooked a feast."

  • "Solid, well built and robust. Very easy to assemble. Looks good and exceedingly good value."

  • "We love this BBQ, have used it so much since purchase, just right for 2 or 3 people. Cook really well and keeps heat for a long time."

  • "Very pleased with this barbecue, very easy to use and food cooks perfectly, took it with us on a canal boat last week and used it everyday, it is heavy, but great value compared to similar egg shaped barbecues! don't hesitate in buying one, you won't regret it!"

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Some shoppers have noted that you should get a cover for the BBQ if you want to keep it outside all year round to ensure its longevity. While it doesn't come with a cover, you can buy one very affordably from Argos for £15.

Keep your BBQ safe from unexpected summer downpours and rust with this handy cover. Specifically designed for the Kettle BBQ, it's reasonably priced too. 

£15 at Argos