Centuries-old shipwrecks discovered off Colombia

STORY: Colombia has discovered two new historical shipwrecks

Naval officials found them while monitoring the San Jose galleon

The Spanish ship sank near the port of Cartagena in 1708

and is believed to have been carrying treasure worth billions of dollars

A remotely operated vehicle reached depths of 900 meters

allowing new video of the gold coins and crockery from the ship

The vehicle also discovered two other nearby wrecks

[Ivan Duque, Colombian President]

"We have found two additional ships. One ship that is from the colonial period and another that, from the point of view of preliminary analysis, corresponds to the republican period of our history. We also have related vessels, around a dozen similar boats, that will be located by our navy.”

The wreck of the San Jose galleon was discovered in 2015

Its potential recovery has been the subject of decades of litigation

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