Central Government is duty-bound to protect every inch of our territory: Congress

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New Delhi [India], June 23 (ANI): The Congress on Tuesday said that the Central Government is duty-bound to protect every inch of our territory and repulse every intrusion firmly and decisively. Briefing the party leaders about the different issues, discussed in the CWC meeting, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said "CWC observes with grave concern the numerous reports of brazen Chinese transgressions into the Galwan Valley, the Pangong Tso Lake Area and the Hot Springs. Let no one, including the Chinese, be in doubt that these are inalienable and integral parts of India's sovereign territory." Chaired by Congress working president Sonia Gandhi, the party has asked what steps will the Government take to ensure restoration of status quo ante? "The Indian National Congress has consistently raised the issue of protecting and defending our territorial integrity against Chinese intrusions since May. The only replies by the Government and its allies were in the form of denials, disinformation and diversions. The facts emerging now are in direct contrast to the narrative that the Government is seeking to propagate to the people," he added. In an official statement, CWC said that Prime Minister's statement of denying any Chinese intrusion has had far-reaching implications. "The Prime Minister cannot allow his words to be used by the Chinese as a vindication of their position, when it is clear that the brazen transgressions into our territory were committed by them and our armed forces were, and are, steadfastly and resolutely defending our territorial integrity," it said. The CWC asked from the Central Government, On how many occasions have transgressions been committed or attempted by the Chinese forces into our territory in the Galwan Valley and the Pangong Tso Lake Area since April-May 2020? It asked why did the Prime Minister state at the All-Party meeting that "no onehas intruded into our territory"? Why were these words deleted by the PMO from its official statement of June 19, on being questioned by the Congress and other opposition parties? Why was the PMO then forced to give an explanation on June 20? It also asked Why did the Prime Minister contradict the earlier statements of his own Defence Minister and the External Affairs Minister on Chinese incursions? CWC further asked why is the statement of the Ministry of External Affairs dated June 20 in conflict with the Prime Minister's statement? If there was no intrusion by the Chinese into our territory as claimed by the Prime Minister, why has the Ministry of External Affairs in its statement issued in the evening of June 20, 2020 pointed out that the Chinese side had been "hindering India's patrolling" since early May 2020, China has attempted to "transgress the LAC in other areas of the Western Sector of the India-China border areas" in mid-May, and that the Chinese side sought to erect structures "on our side of the LAC" post-June 6? CWC has also asked about what steps will the Government take to ensure restoration of status quo ante? India and China are holding military-level talks to defuse the border tensions after the violent face-off in Ladakh's Galwan valley in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives. Indian intercepts have revealed that the Chinese side suffered 43 casualties including dead and seriously injured. (ANI)