Cement pipes smash through truck's cabin after vehicle performs emergency brake in China

Two cement pipes loaded on a truck impaled into its cabin after the vehicle tried to avoid a three-wheeler in eastern China. The dramatic video, filmed in the county of Sanmen in Zhejiang Province on April 10, shows the two 8-metre-long and 0.5-metre-diametre cement pipes that had impaled the vehicle. According to reports, the truck transporting the cement pipes had to perform an emergency brake to try to avoid a three-wheeler. However, the cement pipes moved forward and inserted into the cabin, causing the truck driver's leg to get stuck. Firefighters arrived to use a pry bar to open the truck door before using a hydraulic spreader to expand the cabin. After around 20 minutes, the driver was freed successfully. Fortunately, the driver was not in life-threatening condition. The video was provided by local media with permission.