Cellist plays to ease end-of-life patients' pain

'Music soothes pain'

Location: Paris, France

Cellist Claire Oppert visits an end-of-life care home every Friday

to play for residents who are terminally ill

(SOUNDBITE) (French) CELLIST CLAIRE OPPERT, SAYING:"Music soothes pain, as music eases their symptoms. In palliative care, in end-of-life care, there is sometimes still pain, despite of the morphine and drugs that really help manage the patients' pain. They still feel pain and music really has a calming power on the residual pain of palliative care patients."

(SOUNDBITE) (French) END-OF-LIFE PATIENT MICHELINE LEROUX, SAYING: "I'm in permanent pain. The music helps a little to escape from the pain, I think. You pay attention to the music, and if it's a piece you know, you anticipate the next note. There you go, it's like that."

Oppert has also made it her mission

to demonstrate the therapeutic effects of music

(SOUNDBITE) (French) CELLIST CLAIRE OPPERT, SAYING: "I think it's important, especially nowadays, to have methodological tools, to be able to prove, as scientifically as possible, that in fact, music makes people feel good. This has been known since the beginning of humanity, but today we need to show it, rather than just say it."

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