Celine Song shares ‘creative mission’ after earning Oscar nods for ‘Past Lives’


Director and screenwriter Celine Song expressed her commitment to continue her “creative mission” in making more movies to the best of her ability after debut film “Past Lives” earned two Oscar nominations.

Song’s gratitude: Song, formerly known for her work as a playwright, secured slots in the best picture and best writing (original screenplay) categories for the romance drama film that is loosely based on her own life story. “Past Lives” explores the story of childhood friends who were later reunited as adults for a week as they “confront destiny, love and the choices that make a life.”

“It’s just so amazing. It’s such a great honor, and on the first movie, I think that’s really the coolest thing,” the Korean Canadian filmmaker told Deadline. “It feels so f*cking cool and amazing, and I just genuinely am so f*cking grateful for every single person…who’s ever come across being a part of this movie, anybody who’s even talked to me about this movie.”

Historical moment: Song also reflected on the historic moment of three works by female filmmakers breaking into the best picture category for the first time, with the others being Justine Triet and Greta Gerwig.

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“I think it’s so amazing to see that because I feel like ‘Past Lives’ is a lived-in thing from my own body and the way that I live my life, and I’m a woman. So, I think that’s all. But I’m honestly just over the moon,” Song was quoted saying.

Song’s creative mission: Looking forward, Song expressed her hopes in establishing a lasting career in filmmaking, built on the foundation of exceptional work. She stated her desire for her commitment to endure, hoping to continue making movies until she reaches the age of 95, even if it means barely making it to the set.

“I want to do this forever, and I think that the creative mission is to keep making movies, to the best of my ability,” she told Deadline. “I think that’s the only way I can really move forward, and that’s the only way that I can really give back for the amazing honors that [there have] been for my debut film. I think that’s the only thing I can say. I’m just going to do my f*cking best.”

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Other than the Oscars, “Past Lives,” which was named among the top 10 films of 2023 by the National Board of Review and the American Film Institute, also received five nominations at the Golden Globes and three nominations at the 2023 Gotham Awards.

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