Celebrity cosmetics tycoon Vida wants another child, says she is 'still fertile' (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 29 — Celebrity cosmetics mogul Datuk Seri Vida wants to have another child as she is still fertile.

Vida, or her real name Hasmiza Othman, made the decision after carrying the adopted child of her former fiancee Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli, RotiKaya reported.

In a clip shared via her social media, the 50-year-old entrepreneur said she underwent a fertility test previously and was informed she is still fertile but it's still not her time to have a baby.


Saya berharap dan berdoa diberi kesempatan serta peluang untuk timang cahaya mata. Kalau Allah mengizinkan. InsyaAllah.

Sholawat Sedih - Yabadrotim - Ai khodijah

"I have carried out a fertility test and it's proven I am still fertile. If I were to marry again, maybe my baby would be like Ziyad (Iqbal's son)."

Leaving her fate to Allah, Vida, who has been married twice with both ending with divorce, said she would be grateful if she gets to marry again.

"I will be very happy and grateful if Allah allows me to get married and have a child. Allah's plan is better."

Vida had four children but two died in a fire in 2013.

Iqbal was previously reported as claiming he had been advised by his doctor to tie the knot soon as he is "too fertile”.

He was supposed to marry Vida last December before cancelling plans in October.