Celebrate and Learn About Armenian Heritage With These 11 Films (Photos)

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April marks Armenian Heritage Month in Los Angeles County, and more broadly, April 24 is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day for Armenians worldwide — both at home and across the diaspora. It commemorates the more than 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide — orchestrated by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 — and is observed as a day of mourning, as well as a celebration of Armenian culture, heritage and the ethnic group’s tenacious spirit.

While representation of Armenian narratives in film is lacking in mainstream entertainment, there are several underrated gems and long-hailed classics through which you can learn more about and celebrate Armenian heritage, from Sergei Parajanov’s poetic masterpiece “The Color of Pomegranates” to Sean Baker’s iPhone-shot indie “Tangerine.” Hailing from acclaimed international and US-based auteurs, TheWrap’s list covers a range of genres, including war dramas, documentaries and comedies — both old and new. Below, we outline 11 of the must-watch movies highlighting just a sliver of the singular and wide-ranging Armenian experience.

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