CeeDee Lamb

Fearless Forecast: 1388 TOTAL YDS, 93 REC, 9 TD
Projected Rank: 6

Video transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: CeeDee Lamb has been a good fantasy player for his first two seasons. Is this the year he becomes great? He's the obvious go-to guy in this Dallas offense. Amari Cooper, gone. Michael Gallup probably won't be ready for opening day. It's kind of scraps in the rest of that wide receiver room. And Dak Prescott is a Pro Bowl level quarterback, so maybe CeeDee Lamb finally is going to get the volume that we're looking for.

He's just eked over 100 targets his first two seasons. What if he got 130, 135, 140 targets? We're talking about somebody who could be a consensus first-round pick next year. I think you get him in the second round. And I'm bullish on CeeDee Lamb. Right now, he's the wide receiver six on my board and somebody I will draft proactively.

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