CCTV captures moment girl survives attack by pack of stray dogs in northern India

A CCTV camera in northern India captured the horrifying moment a girl was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. Seven-year-old Reshma from Aligarh in the state of Uttar Pradesh was walking to the grocer on Tuesday (April 19) when the pack of around 12 dogs suddenly attacked. They knocked her to the ground and began to maul her when locals heard her screams for help and came running. The men chased the dogs away and took Reshma to Malkhan Singh District Hospital. She was treated for bites and scratches to her legs but sent home to her family. Local politician Shahid Malik said that he had several times requested city authorities catch the strays which, he claimed, have been responsible for several other attacks, including those on children. India has the largest number of stray dogs and the highest number of rabies cases in the world, according to a recent article in the Times of India.