CBS Launches Fact-Checking News Unit to Combat AI Misinformation

CBS News will launch a fact-checking unit to examine misinformation and content generated via artificial intelligence, the network announced Monday.

The unit will be called “CBS News Confirmed” and will be led by senior vice president for CBS News and Stations Claudia Milne, and executive vice president and head of news operations and transformation for CBS News and Stations Ross Dagan.

“Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace. And the challenges created by the rise of generative AI, fake videos, and misinformation are too great for us not to meet head-on,” said CEO of CBS News Wendy McMahon in a memo to staff.

“I’m grateful to our leadership team who has committed to this effort and is always looking to protect and ensure our journalistic credibility,” McMahon said.

The goal of the new unit is to produce segments on its findings while explaining to viewers how the information was determined to be falsified.

The network intends to hire forensic journalists, further training of existing employees, and invest in new technology to improve fact-checking capabilities, according to McMahon. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate expertise in areas like AI, data visualization, fact-checking, and forensic skills.

McMahon was appointed the president and CEO of CBS News and Stations in August. Programming under her expanded portfolio prior to taking the top role includes “60 Minutes,” “Face the Nation,” “CBS Mornings,” “CBS Saturday Mornings,” “CBS News Sunday Morning,” “48 Hours” and “CBS Evening News With Norah O’Donnell,” and more.

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