CBS Bosses Explain ‘NCIS:Hawai’i’ and ‘CSI: Vegas’ Cancellations

CBS faced “tough decisions” about the fate of its shows on the bubble following big ratings wins this TV season, leading to the unexpected cancellation of “NCIS” Hawai’i” “CSI: Vegas” and “So Help Me Todd.”

Network president and CEO George Cheeks said that the overall performance and financials ultimately led to the shows’ abrupt end.

“It is incumbent on us to always keep the schedule fresh [and] keep momentum going,” CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach told reporters in a news briefing unveiling the network’s 2024-25 schedule. “We had to make some really tough choices this year, everything came back really strong.”

CBS announced Tuesday it will end the 2023-24 season as the the most-watched broadcast network on primetime for a historic 16th season in a row. Reisenbach noted that its entire lineup had strong ratings following production delays tied to last year’s Hollywood double strikes by writers and actors.

Delayed new series that were pushed to fall premieres, including “Poppa’s House” and “Matlock,” along with the addition of anticipated new dramas “NCIS: Origins” and “Watson,” meant losing some shows to make room for the new offerings.

Moving the shows from CBS to Paramount+, as the network once did with the David Boreanaz-led drama “SEAL Team,” was not an option with these titles, Cheeks said.

“Budgets are challenged, so we don’t have an unlimited amount of slots on Paramount+,” he added. They also shot down the possibility of the shows getting uncanceled, much like “S.W.A.T.” did in 2023.

The network’s commitment to the “CSI” franchise remains, however, as Reisenbach revealed another project within the brand is in active development at the network.

Despite the cancellation of “Hawai’i,” the “NCIS” franchise will have a strong hold on CBS’ schedule with the flagship series and “Origins” returning in the fall, followed by “Sydney” returning in the spring. Reisenbach highlighted her commitment to the shows, saying she believes the franchise will run for “1,000 more episodes.”

The now-series finales of “NCIS: Hawai’i,” “So Help Me Todd” and “CSI: Vegas” will air May 6, 16 and 19, respectively.

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