Cavs hire Atkinson, 2024 NBA Draft preview & concerns over MJ's 1988 DPOY Award | Good Word with Goodwill

On this episode of the Good Word with Goodwill, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill covers the breaking news of the Cleveland Cavaliers hiring Kenny Atkinson as their new head coach. Vince wonders if the team ownership getting involved in the process is good for the organization, but he still has high hopes for Evan Mobley and the future of the Cavs.

We haven’t had a chance to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers officially hiring JJ Redick as their new head coach, and Vinnie is curious if the other players in the locker room will view Redick or LeBron James as the actual person in charge.

The Detroit Pistons fired Monty Williams last week, another move made by team ownership more than the front office, and now we’ll wait to see which free agent coach they hire to replace him and what they do with Cade Cunningham’s extension.

After detailing why the Chicago Bulls would trade for Josh Giddey, and how Alex Caruso fits with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Vinnie welcomes Yahoo Sports NBA draft analyst Kysten Peek to the show to preview the festivities, predict what the Hawks will do with the #1 pick, and provide her hottest take on Zach Eden.

Finally, Tom Haberstroh joins Vincent to talk about his article on Yahoo Sports that laid out the case for doubt around the legitimacy of Michael Jordan’s 1988 Defensive Player of the Year Award.

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