Cats seized in drug raid auctioned to feline fanatic

Six cats confiscated by Thai police during a drug raid have found a home with a feline fanatic after being put up for auction.

Five Scottish Fold breed and one Bengal were sold to a woman who runs a Facebook page followed by 3 million cat lovers, who helped her raise the winning bid of $3,186.

AUCTION WINNER, NUTCH PRASOPSIN: "I was very excited. I had very much hoped that the cats would end up in my care. I've been following their status since the very first day."

The cats had belonged to a woman suspected of involvement in drug trafficking who fled before authorities arrived at her home.

The auction was held after a 30-day window expired for the owner to come forward and claim the cats, and prove they were not purchased with drug money.

An official with the regional narcotics control board said the cats had suffered an ordeal and that it was important they be auctioned off as a group.

DIRECTOR OF NARCOTICS CONTROL OFFICE REGION 2, PORNTHIP JAMPONG: "If we separate them, this may cause them to stress or have psychological effects."

They will now have a large extended feline family, as the confiscated cats will share their new home with the owner’s 20 other cats.