Catholics in war-torn Kyiv attend Easter vigil

STORY: Despite an increase in Russian attacks on targets in Kyiv, parishioners assembled at the Roman Catholic Parish of Saint Alexanders on Saturday.

The Easter vigil usually takes place at 9pm local time (1800GMT), but was moved forward to 4pm (1300GMT) this year because of the overnight curfew in Kyiv from 8pm (1800GMT) to 7am (0500GMT).

"(Coming to church) in wartime is even more important than any other time. But it's always important. During war time, (we observe) the holiday of devotion to Jesus Christ’s resurrection, and given the fact that our country will also be revived too, the war will end and everything will be even better than before," said 56-year-old parishioner Olga Usenko.

Moscow on Saturday launched more long-range attacks on Saturday, hitting targets in Kyiv and other major cities, following the sinking of its Black Sea fleet's flagship.

The attacks followed Russia's announcement on Friday (April 15) that it would intensify long-range strikes in retaliation for unspecified acts of "sabotage" and "terrorism", hours after it confirmed the sinking of its Black Sea flagship, the Moskva.

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