Cate Blanchett On Political G7 Satire ‘Rumours’: “It’s Not Trying To Be An Important Film With A Message” – Cannes

Cate Blanchett On Political G7 Satire ‘Rumours’: “It’s Not Trying To Be An Important Film With A Message” – Cannes

A glowing brain, world leaders lost in the woods, a U.S President with a glaring British accent, oh, and bog men — mummies whose manhood has been severed and wrapped around their necks. Such are the sundries of Guy Maddin, Evan and Galen Johnson’s political comedy Rumours here at Cannes.

The film, which world premiered Saturday night will get a stateside release from Bleecker Street, follows the seven leaders of the world’s wealthiest liberal democracies at the annual G7 summit after they become lost in the woods and face increasing peril while attempting to draft a provisional statement regarding a global crisis.

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Said two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, who stars in the movie, at Sunday’s official press conference. “I think if you try to make sense of this movie, you’ll feel like you’re losing your mind.”

Let’s start with the title. The filmmakers say that financiers and producers at no point asked them what it signified. Why Rumours?

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Well, it was named after the Fleetwood Mac album. Says Galen Johnson, “That was famously creatively fraught, everyone was sleeping with each other.” Hence, a perfect fit.

“It’s not trying to be an important film with a message,” said Blanchett, who said she was piqued to work on the project because it had three directors, plus she was a fan of Maddin’s canon.


Maddin and his collaborators adored the idea of the G7 given the secrecy and reports which surrounds the kabuki-like theater world leader sit-down. Blanchett billed Rumours as “documentary-esque” in lifting a curtain on the G7. And the British-accented POTUS played by Charles Dance –that was all intentional per Maddin and his co-filmmakers.

Another inspiration conceit per Maddin: “What if the revolutionary war went another way? What if (America) just stayed a colony?”

Evan Johnson was asked about a Rumours franchise. Joking, he said, “Yes, it’s true, it’s called Tumors.”

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