Catcher Removes Snake From Model Railway Tunnel

A Queensland snake catcher was called out to remove an unusual addition to a model train set recently, after the owner found a snake hiding in one of the tunnels.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted video to Facebook on November 14 showing him carefully removing the snake from the set.

Writing about the incident on Facebook, McKenzie said the “chunky” snake was most likely looking for somewhere to shed its skin. McKenzie later released the snake into some nearby bushland. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- How's this for a job that we're on our way to now? So we're going to a home in blah-blah in Dana area, and they've actually got a snake on the gentleman's toy train set, one of those big indoor train track sets. Very, very cool, but apparently there's a snake in one of the tunnels. So, obviously, the trains can't go around because there's a snake blocking the road. So we're going to head out and catch it, and relocate it.

- Hey.

- Good morning.

- Yeah.

- I was moving sort of here on the toy train on the weekend.

- Yeah.

- I've only just put this in here.

- Yeah.

- Probably go around the other way, it'll make it easier. Just right around the side, another one.

- Oh yeah, that's him, isn't it?

- Come up through here. There's one up here.

- That's not we expect to see in the tunnel.

- No.

- Blocking the way.

- No.

- At first I was like, oh my God, he put a rubber snake in there, and I was like, oh, maybe not on the track.

- Ha. Ha.

- Get out of here. It's not a rubber one.


Here she comes. Probably nice and gentle. The snake actually looks like it's OK. It's a brown tree snake.

- Oh, it's a tree snake, is it?

- Yeah, brown tree snake.

- Oh, OK.

- Well, definitely bought. Where is it coming up?

- I really don't know. That one down there? When I bought the set, I had it up on the shed up on top of him. For a year.

- Pretty chunky.

- Yeah, a chunky tree snake. Where are you going? There we go. There he is. Look at that. I ain't amongst the train set.


- He wanted to ride on the front.

- That's it.

- There you go.

- Probably a boy anyway.

- A boy.

- I'm sure, a boy, yeah.

- But now he's got to shed his skin, so we've got to find a nice spot for him to continue doing that process. It's a nocturnal species, that's why he was asleep in there.

- Oh yeah.

- Yeah. If it was a nice and brown snake, I'd expect him to cruise around the train tracks.

- Yeah.


- Awesome.

- Going to wrap him up. Thanks for that. Mr. tree snake back in the trees where you belong, away from the model train set.