Catcher Relocates Adorably Tiny Bandy-Bandy Snake

A snake catcher rescued a small bandy-bandy snake from outside a home in Buderim, Queensland.

“The gentleman was building a retaining wall and uncovered the tiny snake under some dirt. When he described it to me over the phone as it being black and white stripes we had our fingers and toes crossed that it would be a bandy-bandy,” snake catcher Stuart McKenzie recalled in a Facebook caption.

McKenzie often records his snake relocation exploits on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page.

“We don’t catch this species all that often, in fact we only relocate a handful every season!” McKenzie added.

The bandy-bandy is more often spotted in the Northern Territory or Western Australia, according to Australian Geographic. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

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