Catcher Finds '30 to 50' Snake Skins in Queensland Attic

A snake catcher in Queensland said he found between 30 to 50 snake skins of various breeds in the attic of a home in Hunchy during a recent snake removal operation.

Catcher Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said he was called out to the residence after the occupiers noticed snake activity while their attic insulation was getting cleaned out.

In footage posted to Facebook on April 18, McKenzie said the “pretty big haul” of skins was left behind by the “main three snakes” he’s found in attics and roof spaces; common tree snakes, brown tree snakes, and carpet pythons.

In among the insulation, the Queensland-based catcher also found a “healthy brown tree snake” which he released back into the wild. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: We're just here in a roof in Hunchy. And it always takes me back to a job I went to, I think it was in Hunchy as well. Where I caught nine Brown tree snakes in one roof. And I'm hoping we at least get lucky with one snake today, because there's a lot of snake activity up here. Over here looks like--

- Oh, that's a big one.

- A big carpet one. Got him. Nice medium sized carpet Python. Oh, my head's acting like a bladdy cobwebbier. There's a few snake poo's here as well. A lot of people ask what sort of snake poo looks like. But, similar to any old poo really, just sort of a brown color. But they have this white substance with them often, which is the uric. Snake party on this end of the roof.

- A lot of snake skins coming in this side here.

- It's not very old, that one.

- So a lot of pythons, brown tree snakes, and some common tree snakes in there.


STUART MCKENZIE: We have ourselves, all right, no biting. There you go, Brown tree snake. Cheeky little bugger. There you go.

- The vacuum guys are here. Vacuuming up all this. We need a bloody vacuum to try and find them in here.

- We'll get him bagged up. No biting.


- We finally found a little Brown tree snake up under all the-- Where you going, buddy? Under all the roofing. She's going to stay in there and watch the boys finish the rest, and make sure there's none others. We'll let this guy go back. Mildly venomous, nocturnal species. So he's probably a bit confused, bit slow, being the middle of the day. But a cool snake, and it was good to get one out of there.

- All right, this is a huge haul of skins that we got out of a roof in Hunchy. I haven't counted it yet. But I reckon there's a good 30 or 40, or maybe 50 skins there. But yeah, it's crazy, hey? Like those are the main tree snakes that you find in roof spaces, your common tree snakes, your brown tree snakes, and carpet pythons.

And this is a pretty big haul of skins that we got out of the roof. We had a very, very thorough search. A lot of these are old, there's a couple of fresh ones. But with roof spaces, there can be little gaps and stuff, and holes in walls which they can get in to. But I'm pretty happy with this. The clients were happy. At least they know there's nothing dangerous up there. And they'll give us a call if they hear any racket up in their roof.

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