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👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! Try to remain calm, but the pandas are coming! China will send two giant panda bears to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC. Qing Bao and Bao Li, both 2 years old, are scheduled to arrive before the end of the year. The exchange — known as “panda diplomacy” — aims to improve relations between China and the US. Zoos in San Francisco and San Diego also are expected to receive pandas.

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An aerial view of the rust-colored Kutuk River in Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. - Ken Hill/National Park Service
An aerial view of the rust-colored Kutuk River in Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. - Ken Hill/National Park Service

1️⃣ Rivers of rust: No, that’s not a famous impressionist painting or a volcanic eruption. If you take a closer look at the image, you can see that waterways in Alaska are turning from clear blue to murky orange. The reason why surprised scientists.

2️⃣ Liver transplants: A new study raises concerns about changes to the policy determining who receives these life-saving transplants in the US. Researchers found that the recently revised rules could put underserved communities at a greater disadvantage.

3️⃣ Social media babies: Cam Barrett knows the precise date of her first menstrual period. Her mother posted the news on Facebook. Now she and others whose parents shared their personal childhood moments online are joining forces to protect other kids from having to endure the same thing.

4️⃣ Drag artists: A group of performers launched a new coalition in response to recent hate-motivated attacks and anti-LGBTQ legislation. Qommittee will provide legal aid, therapy and community support.

5️⃣ Life after prison: Thanks to virtual reality, inmates are learning valuable skills that they can use after they are released. One program in Maryland teaches women how to become auto technicians, and advocates say it’s a critical step in helping people rebuild their lives.

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👀 Icy surprise: Despite a heat wave in Puebla, Mexico, residents were caught off guard when several feet of hail fell during an unexpected storm.

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121.8 degrees

🥵 That’s the all-time record-high temperature set in India’s capital territory of Delhi as an oppressive heat wave forced authorities to impose water rationing.

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📸 ‘Fragile Beauty’: Elton John’s personal photography collection explores the vulnerability of the human condition. Hundreds of his images just went on display in London.

Ryan McGinley's "Dakota Hair," from 2004. - Courtesy Ryan McGinley Studios
Ryan McGinley's "Dakota Hair," from 2004. - Courtesy Ryan McGinley Studios

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🧠 Placebo treatment: For people trying to address mental health symptoms, simply the belief that you can be helped may be an important factor, according to a new study.

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🗓️ Tomorrow: The United Kingdom’s parliament will be officially dissolved ahead of the July 4 election called by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. His government will continue to run the country in a skeleton format the next few weeks.

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In a bit of cheesy fun, competitors went round and round and tumbled down a steep, muddy hill during a cheese-rolling competition in western England. “My face took a lot of hits,” said Abby Lampe of North Carolina, who won this year’s first women’s race. Her prize? A large wheel of Double Gloucester cheese — crackers not included.

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