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👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! A giant pollution-sucking vacuum just started operating in Iceland. The direct air capture plant, dubbed “Mammoth,” takes in air and uses chemicals to strip out the carbon. That carbon can then be injected deep underground and turned into stone. This is good news for our planet.

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Catera Bentley became pregnant after taking Mounjaro. - Catera Bentley
Catera Bentley became pregnant after taking Mounjaro. - Catera Bentley

1️⃣ ‘Ozempic babies’: Some women who are taking weight-loss drugs are experiencing surprise pregnancies. This relatively new phenomenon is raising safety concerns and anxiety about the unknowns because these drugs haven’t been studied in people who are pregnant.

2️⃣ Young voters: They helped Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election. CNN talked to young people in the key battleground state of Michigan, and some explained why they have reservations about supporting him again come November. 📹 Video: Students weigh in on Biden vs. Trump

3️⃣ Mammogram advice: Experts are now recommending that women get an exam to screen for breast cancer starting at age 40. That’s 10 years earlier than the previous guidance suggested. Here’s what you need to know.

4️⃣ Career change: Chris Birch walked away from professional cycling to become a NASA astronaut. It was an unusual path, but the self-described “nerd” with degrees in math and biological engineering wants to explore off this planet — maybe the moon.

5️⃣ Musical message: Rapper Macklemore praised college students who are protesting the war in Gaza and became one of the first major artists to explicitly condemn US aid to Israel. His new song is called “Hind’s Hall,” a reference to protesters at Columbia University.

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👀 Wild ride: A Phoenix man’s security camera captured this car going airborne and nearly crashing into a shed outside his home. A neighbor said the driver fled on foot.

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6.8 years

🐈‍⬛ That’s the average lifespan of a hairless Sphynx cat, the lowest of any domestic breed.


🏡 New home: Wilson and her husband bonded over their love for travel, and the pandemic hastened their retirement plans. They moved to a small town in Portugal. She misses family and friends but said she’s never coming back to the United States.

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America/Getty Images
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America/Getty Images

✈️ Which two North American airlines ranked highest in the economy and first class/business categories in J.D. Power’s passenger satisfaction survey?
A. Spirit and JetBlue
B. Allegiant and United
C. Southwest and Delta
D. Frontier and Alaska
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It started as a simple Instagram page. Now “Diary of a Naija Girl” has nearly a million followers and is inspiring women to make decisions based on their desires, not society’s expectations. “Women are beginning to understand that they are worthy … with marriage or without it,” says founder Ifedayo Agorohe.

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🧠 Quiz answer: C. Southwest ranked first for economy passengers, and Delta came out on top in the first class/business category.
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