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A cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse. - Julia Nikhinson/Reuters
A cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse. - Julia Nikhinson/Reuters

1️⃣ Bridge collapse: An emergency “mayday” call from a cargo ship allowed authorities to close Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge and save lives, Maryland’s governor said. Divers are still searching for several people. Here’s what else we know. 📹 Video shows moment the bridge collapses

2️⃣ Running mate: Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced Silicon Valley attorney Nicole Shanahan as his vice presidential choice. 📹 Watch: RFK Jr.’s sister explains why she isn’t voting for him

3️⃣ Abortion pill: A majority of Supreme Court justices appeared skeptical of the idea of a nationwide ban or new limits on mifepristone, the primary drug used for medication abortions.

4️⃣ Gag order: A New York judge limited Donald Trump from making statements about potential witnesses in his upcoming criminal trial relating to hush money payments. Plus: Trump Media stock debuts

5️⃣ Housing crunch: US home prices rose at the fastest clip in months to a fresh record high in January, according to new data released today.

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👀 Slipping through: A Texas man managed to make it onto a Delta plane without a ticket before flight attendants caught him outside the restroom.

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❗That’s how many points the Atlanta Hawks trailed the Boston Celtics before they stormed back to win the game and cap the largest comeback in franchise history.

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Vastram/Adobe Stock
Vastram/Adobe Stock

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A rare fossil of a giant dolphin with a long nose is surprising and delighting scientists.

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🧠 Quiz answer: B. Merchants typically pay 2% of the total transaction a customer makes. Visa and Mastercard just reached a settlement to lower those fees.
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