Catastrophic flooding devastates Puerto Rico in Fiona's wake

STORY: "Tomorrow will be dryer than today, but it will be a long day today," said Eric Blake, acting branch chief of the NHC's hurricane specialist unit. "The strongest winds are already dying down and it's already over the Dominican Republic."

The storm hit Puerto Rico five years after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. It ripped up asphalt from roads, swept away a major road bridge, closed airports, swamped cars and dumped rain in such quantities that some rivers were rising 20 feet in just hours, according to eyewitnesses.

The island was hit by a widespread power outage. Power had begun to be restored in some areas by Sunday night, officials said, but reconnecting the whole island would take days.

Several landslides had been reported, officials said. Roads were closed and a highway bridge in Utuado, a town in the center of the island, had been washed away by a flooding river. Puerto Rico's ports were closed and flights out of the main airport canceled.