Cat Thrown in Trash Rescued by Russian Waste-Sorting Worker

A Russian waste disposal company said one of its employees came to the rescue of a cat who had been tied inside a bag and thrown in the trash on December 21.

The company, Gorkomhoz 73, released footage of the rescue, which shows the employee grabbing a bag from a sorting line and cutting it open. His coworkers halt the conveyer belt and he holds up the cat for them to see.

In a statement Gorkomhoz 73 said the cat had been well fed, clean, and groomed, and clearly belonged to someone has a pet.

The company said this is not an isolated incident, and cases of workers reporting animals thrown in the trash was on the rise. Two turtles and a hedgehog had also been found dumped in the same manner in the last two months, the company said.

“Please do not throw your pets away!” the statement read, urging people to find an alternative home for their animals if they could no longer keep them. Credit: Gorkomhoz 73 via Storyful