Cat Stranded on River Thames Tries (and Fails) to Evade Rescuers in London

A rescue team from the Chiswick branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) went above and beyond on June 7, when they saved an uncooperative cat stranded on the foreshore of the Thames in London.

Footage released by Chiswick RNLI shows the team approaching the distressed cat, who was caught in the river’s rising tide.

Crew member Mark Pusey tries to wrap the animal in a blanket, but it manages to escape from his grip and climb on his back before it jumps off and attempts to swim away.

A press release from the RNLI said, “The crew have rescued many dogs, who are usually glad to see their human rescuers, but cats display very different behavior. This cat greeted the crew by snarling and spitting, and then tried to climb the sheer wall.”

In the video, Pusey doesn’t give up, and waits for the cat to become tired before picking it up again and bringing it safely to the boat so the crew can return the critter to shore.

“This incident had a good outcome but does show how easily the fast flowing tides can turn a benign environment into a very dangerous one,” Pusey said in the media release.

“If you see a person, or an animal, in trouble in the water please call 999 immediately and ask for the coastguard. The RNLI lifeboats on the Thames can be at any incident in minutes,” he added. Credit: Chiswick RNLI via Storyful