Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware is here to transform your meals—and today, these pots and pans are as low as $13

Kristine Solomon
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Cast iron cookware will improve your cooking every time.

Some nights, I crave the convenience of a one-pan meal. I just want to load up my pan with meat, veggies, potatoes and know that everything is going to brown evenly and turn out perfectly crispy and juicy with minimal fuss on my part. There’s only one tool for that job, though, and it’s my heavy-duty cast iron pan.

I strongly recommend investing in this kitchen hero, especially today. Amazon is offering several of its best cast iron pans and pots for up to 44 percent off, so grab them while this deal is hot.

Cast iron is the holy grail of cookware materials. It’s built to conduct and distribute heat evenly, so I don’t have to stand over my meal as it cooks, continually pushing the food around the pan and chasing the heat source. Trust me: anyone, from beginners to old pros, can sauté, fry, grill, bake, and broil restaurant-quality meals with very little effort. 

And that includes everything from braised meats to fresh bread. This superstar is just as hard-working on my stovetop and grill as it is in my oven.  

In case you’re wondering, yes, these cast iron pans by Cuisinel arrive pre-seasoned. All you have to do is handwash your pan with warm water and—just like any cast iron pan—season it from time to time with natural oils. Always keep cast iron cookware out of your dishwasher—and whatever you do, don’t let a drop of soap touch its surface!

Good cast-iron pans are a worthy investment that, if cared for properly, will last a lifetime or more. And today, these top-rated Cuisinel pans—and one cast-iron Dutch oven, in fact—are up to 44 percent off and starting at $13 (you read that correctly). You have to hurry, though — the sale is on just for today!

This is an incredible deal that Amazon is serving up, so get in on it before it’s over.

Shop it: Cuisinel Cast Iron Cookware up to 44 percent off,

Here are my four favorite picks from Amazon’s Cuisinel cast iron cookware sale.

Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 2-Piece Set (10-Inch and 12-Inch)

This is the perfect starter set for cast iron newbies. (Photo: Amazon)

This cast iron pan duo is an Amazon bestseller, and it’s easy to understand why. The pans are deep enough to cook a whole chicken and all the sides, and come with slip-on silicone handles for easy stovetop-to-oven transfers. At $28, not only is this a steal, but you’re literally getting two pans for the price of one.

“I couldn't be happier with this purchase,” one fan gushed. “I wanted something durable to cook potatoes and/or veggies in, on the other side of the grill from the meat, while also getting all the smoky goodness from the smokebox infused into the food... and these cast iron skillets are PERFECT for that!! As long as you spray with oil before each use (and coat lightly with oil in-between uses to prevent rust) it's completely non-stick. In fact, they are SO non-stick, that I could probably cook eggs on the grill with these pans! Amazing!”

Shop it: Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 2-Piece Set (10-Inch and 12-Inch) $28 (was $43),

Cuisinel Cast Iron Round Griddle 10.5” Pan

This cast iron griddle will be your breakfast-making go-to. (Photo: Amazon)

This is the $13 pan I was talking about. It’s a griddle that churns out foolproof eggs, omelets, and breakfast sausage. You can also sauté veggies, make tortillas from scratch, or even grill up a steak. Grab this versatile tool while it’s 43 percent off!

“Love, love, love this product!” said an enthusiastic shopper. “Great value for the money. If you’re a real cast Iron guru then you will probably want to sand it smooth and resets on it but for everyone else it’s great out of the box. I purchased one of their skillets and it gets smoother the longer you use it anyway.”

Shop it: Cast Iron Round Griddle 10.5” Pan, $13 (was $23),

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza and Baking Pan (13.5 Inch) 

This cast iron pan is the secret to perfect homemade pizza. (Photo: Amazon)

This pan will become your go-to for things like one-pan rice dishes (think: paella), roasted potatoes, and grilled meat (put it right on the grill!), but where it really excels is in producing the crispiest crusts possible on your homemade pizzas. It’s 36 percent off today—just $18.50 and worth every penny.

“If you're looking for a really crispy crust, this is the pan for you,” one person shared. “Just heat it up before placing your dough on it and it sizzles. We haven't ordered pizza since I got this pan. It makes the best pizza and takeout/delivery is unappealing since tasting pizza made at home with this awesome piece of equipment. Just love it.”

Shop it: Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza and Baking Pan (13.5 Inch), $18 (was $29),

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet and Double Dutch Oven Set

Is it a skillet? Is it a Dutch oven? This cast iron set is both! (Photo: Amazon)

This cast iron cookware set means serious business. It’s a 5-quart Dutch oven with 10-inch frying pan, and I challenge you to find something this set can’t do in the kitchen. It sears, fries, bakes, grills, broils, braises and sautés. You can use it indoors and outdoors. This two-in-one tool can handle it all.

“I’ve cooked in this twice and it was everything I was expecting it to be! The seasoning needed to be redone but that’s to be expected with any cast iron bought new,” wrote one honest reviewer. “The French make some awesome cast iron as well as other cooking tools and equipment. I really like cast iron and this is one of the best in my collection of over sixty pieces. I know from experience that I’ll have many years of joyful cooking with this little baby! Cuisinel cast iron is always awesome!”

Shop it: Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet and Double Dutch Oven Set (5 Quart Deep Pan, 10-Inch Frying Pan), $25 (was $42),

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