The Cast of "Dance Moms" is Feuding on Social Media Over the 2020 Election

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There's no way to avoid the election taking place in the country right now. It is literally seeping into every part of our lives—even our reality TV. The former stars of Dance Moms got political on Tuesday when a few of them began discussing their different political opinions on social media.

It all started when Kalani Hilliker, who was on the show from season four to season seven, tweeted out. "No matter who you’re voting for use your voice and vote!!! It’s your right!!! #Trump202020," she wrote.

She then posted an Instagram story about the need for Americans to stick together right now. "America is the greatest country because everyone has the freedom to express their opinions so no matter what happens this week we need to all come together as Americans and respect one another." She then followed up that post with a photo from one of President Trump's rallies. While it seems like Kalani has deleted the stories, TikTokRoom saved screenshots.

Her former costar, Kendall Vertes, then emphasized Kalani's point, sharing the story and adding, "What she said." Kendall has also seemingly deleted the post.

That's when more girls stepped in. Nia Sioux shared Kalani's post, adding, "America hasn't been great and it's not going to be great until we have people in office who care about people other than themselves." She continued, "I definitely think everyone needs to respect each other but it's so hard to respect a president who doesn't respect me, or women, or minorities, or the LGBTQ community. I'm all for respecting people, but at a certain point when someone can't even denounce white supremacy how can you have respect for that person?"

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Kenzie Ziegler also joined the conversation, though in a more subtle way, she commented, "vote blue" on a TikTok about Kalani's comments.

Chloe Lukasiak also subtly showed that she disagreed with Kalani. The 19-year-old liked a tweet that responded to Kalani's, saying, "This is why Maddie, Chloe and Nia used to eat your a** up in the studio."

And it wouldn't be a Dance Moms feud without a mom getting involved. Chloe's mom Christi made her feelings clear in a TikTok, though she later deleted the video.

There you have it, just like this country, the cast of Dance Moms is currently divided.

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