Cassidy Hutchinson warns that another Trump presidency could threaten democracy

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide under the Trump administration, issued a grim warning about the state of democracy in the US should Donald Trump win the presidential election in 2024.

“If Donald Trump is elected president again in 2024, I do fear that it will be the last election where we’re voting for democracy because if he is elected again, I don’t think we’ll be voting under the same Constitution,” Ms Hutchinson told Jen Psaki onInside with Jen Psaki.

Ms Hutchinson worked in close proximity to Mr Trump, especially toward the end of his presidency when the events on January 6 unfolded. She testified to Congress that Mr Trump knowingly said and did things leading up to the attack on the Capitol that encouraged the mob.

Now she’s warning voters to choose wisely next year, should the election be another matchup between President Joe Biden and Mr Trump.

“This next election, we’re looking at a ballot – or potentially going to be looking at a ballot – where we’re fighting for our democracy,” she said adding that she would vote for Biden for the sake of democracy.

Over the last few months, Mr Trump has made threatening statements toward his “enemies” like prosecutors, judges and politicians.

He’s claimed that if he were to be elected again, he would “go after” or “lock up” his political opponents, including Mr Biden, by weaponising the Department of Justice or other federal agencies.

Mr Trump, who is known for his exaggerated rhetoric, often goes unchecked when making statements like this. But Ms Hutchinson warned people that the ex-president is fully aware of his impact and said people should take note of it.

“We as a nation do a big disservice to own constituents and neighbours when we don’t take what he says at face value,” Ms Hutchinson said.

“The American people should not ever have to live in fear of retribution from a president of the United States or a former president of the United States,” Ms Hutchinson said.

In her book and in interviews, Ms Hutchinson has highlighted the unconventional ways the White House operated underneath Mr Trump alleging that those in high-up positions tried to influence the truth.