Cars Submerged in Pajaro, California, After Heavy Rain and Levee Breach

Rescue crews were spotted patrolling floodwaters in Pajaro, California, following heavy rain and a breach in the Pajaro River levee on March 13.

Alekz Londos recorded this footage showing the murky thigh-high water against cars and buildings following rainfall from an atmospheric river.

The National Weather Service warned of “moderate to heavy rain leading to flooding” through Wednesday, and urged residents to “rush any preparations to completion.” Credit: Alekz Londos via Storyful

Video transcript


So here I am, back to the Main Street, the main area. OK. Feels like a curve right there. Nope. Some wall. I can't feel it, I don't know-- I don't know what that is. OK. I'm going to end this video.