Carole Baskin will still watch 'Tiger King 2' despite legal battle with producers

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Carole Baskin will still be watching Tiger King 2 when it debuts on Netflix this month, despite her tumultuous legal battle with the team behind the hit documentary series.

The 60-year-old animal rights activist told E! News she has "to know what was said" in the follow-up series, so that she is adequately able to defend herself against any allegations.

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Baskin added: "I have to tune in because there were so many lies that were told about me so effectively in Tiger King that I know I'm going to be called to defend myself again on Tiger King 2."

Tiger King 2 is set to delve further into the life of imprisoned former zoo owner Joe Exotic and the big cat community in America.

Carole Baskin is set to feature in 'Tiger King 2', much to her own chagrin. (Netflix)
Carole Baskin is set to feature in 'Tiger King 2', much to her own chagrin. (Netflix)

Baskin and her husband Howard are currently pursuing legal action against Netflix on the grounds that they only agreed for their footage to be included in the original Tiger King project.

The streamer, meanwhile, argues that Baskin has "no claim at all" and signed releases in 2019 which "explicitly permit" re-use of footage in later projects.

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Baskin, meanwhile, has worked on a new documentary with Discovery+, which has aired just ahead of Tiger King's return.

The activist said it was just Netflix which had treated her in "such a wretched manner" and that she has no problem working with other documentary makers in the future.

Joe Exotic took part in 'Tiger King 2' from prison. (Netflix)
Joe Exotic took part in 'Tiger King 2' from prison. (Netflix)

Tiger King was one of the biggest Netflix hits of 2020, becoming a binge-watch success story during the early weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns across the world.

The documentary followed the colourful life of Joe Exotic, leading to his imprisonment for organising a plot to kill Baskin, who was a constant thorn in his side.

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It also covered the wider world of America's big cat community, while focusing most of an episode on the mysterious disappearance of Baskin's first husband Don Lewis.

Tiger King 2 will arrive on Netflix from 17 November, while Carole Baskin's Cage Fight is available on Discovery+ now.

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